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Staycations All I Ever Wanted

by Lexy Folkes |

And then I almost didn't come back.

Free & Affordable Self Care Rituals

by Lexy Folkes |

Self love is the Highest Love


by Lexy Folkes |

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce my interview with my good friend Ivy Weinglass.  When I first found Ivy, I looked at her work and started watching her Instagram stories and thought, "this chick is real cool." Turns out SHE IS and is also an incredible ceramicist. I was lucky enough to have a chat with her about her inspirations, self care, vintage denim and, surprisingly, The Bachelor. In her words, I can't wait to get together with her and share a cup of tea like the old friends we already are someday SOON.  1. Can you start by introducing yourself and what you do? My name is Ivy Weinglass and I...

Crystals for Anxiety

by Lexy Folkes |

I've been getting so many messages about crystals for stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more so I thought I'd put together a post for you to come back and reference!  Although crystals are great for all of these things, they won't cure anxiety. If you're suffering with anxiety or depression I'd consider taking steps to cure the underlying root causes. It can be anything from a latent retro-virus (EBV) or a micro biome upset that's causing the body's stress hormones to become imbalanced. Resources such as the Medical Medium became invaluable for me as I went on a quest to cure all of my autoimmune and mental illnesses. Also, attending one of Dr....

Interview with Aurora Sage Silks

by Lexy Folkes |

I absolutely adore having the opportunity to learn more about women's businesses. How they're inspired, what their best day looks like, what their challenges might be. When I saw Aurora Sage silks, my jaw dropped. I had never seen something so delicate, beautiful and chic. Not to mention her ethos is in alignment with mine: using natural elements to create gorgeous garments. I had the opportunity to learn more about how she creates her silks and what inspired her journey. I hope you love reading our interview below! 1. Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us a little bit more about what you do? Sure! My name is Stephanie Anavim and I naturally dye...

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