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An Elemental Bath and Why You Need One

by Lexy Folkes |

Taking a bath is a sacred ritual to me. It’s when I cleanse, relax and download information and some of my best ideas.

I had an idea- I’m sure it’s not a new one but it’s something that came through me so I thought I’d share. I’ve been doing this practice for years and it truly is my most savored time. 

An elemental bath is one which incorporates, you guessed it, all the elements (plus metal which is for some reason, important to me).

I start by lighting all my beeswax candles. I light four, but you can light as many as you want. I place them in the four corners of the tub to indicate north, south, east and west. I draw the bath water, add either magnesium salts, or a bath bomb (my favorite are from Moon Body Soul). Epsom salts are like $6 a bag and last a few rounds so that’s nice. I like my bath HOT. It’s all about cleansing and sweating for me. Which is super beneficial for the immune system too!

I’ll intuitively pick an essential oil that fits my mood and add a few drops by which I mean a million because I better be smelling like a fragrant rose when I’m done here. I’ll put on a pot of tea, light some palo santo and choose my crystals for the evening.

I love citrine, smokey quartz, and rose quartz so I’ll place those around the tub as well. Salt baths are also a nice opportunity to cleanse your crystals so I like to choose ones that can tolerate a dip in the water. Ones that cannot would be selenite, tourmaline, pyrite etc.

Now you have your bath water, your earth crystals, your fire candles, and I open a window for some nice aether flow. Lastly, I put on a gold chain. I know that sounds funny but to me, I’m signaling to the universe that I’m OPULENT and WORTHY of the fine things in life.

I’ll, again, intuitively pick a tea based on smell or healing properties. I’ve been drinking a lot of cinnamon rose tea because it’s freezing here and I like to warm up with a feminine blend. Another go to is lemon balm; immune boosting and antiviral.

Jump in and relaxxxxxx. I do a lot of deep meditations when I’m in the tub. Or I will journal or read. Currently reading Witch by Lisa Lister and it couldn’t be more perfect. This ritual is going to help you detox, connect with yourself and calm the nervous system.

Chances are that you’ve already been doing this or at least some of these practices if you are a bath lover like me. Having an intention to honor the four directions and four elements can be incredibly powerful. Enjoy!

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