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Conscious City Guide to LA & Venice

by Lexy Folkes |

I was recently in LA for Beaulitfulcon and I had SO much fun. Having been born and raised in LA for 20 years, I have the benefit of knowing the city like the back of my hand. I always joke that it's my favorite city to leave; I come down for a tactical strike and have tons of fun, then I'm beyond ready to get back to the mountains which is way more my natural state of being. In fact, I've made a promise to myself that I'm NOT coming back to LA anymore for a looooong time. I have a hard time being my best, most happy self in such an overstimulating environment. So, if you're my friend and you're reading this, you'll have to come visit me instead. Anyways, because I'm such a sensitive creature, it's super important to me that I seek out the most high frequency places to stay & eat to keep my mood elevated. 

I started out the week staying in Echo Park which is my favorite part of LA. They have TONS of amazing coffee shops, organic cafes, and Lassen's (organic grocery store) is the shit. 

Places to eat are: 

Honey Hi-  love this place. Anything on the menu is phenomenal! And they have my favorite coffee with necessary add-ons like MCT and chaga. 

Pollen Cafe- Their cold brew & iced tea were amazing. Not to mention the most idyllic environment in the hills of Echo Park.

Shop at Lassen's right on Sunset to keep yourself sustained. 

You have to visit the bookstore called Stories; they have the coolest selection of books. 

All up and down Sunset you'll find Blue Bottle Coffee, Woodcat Coffee (my personal favorite) and Dinette. All of which you need to try. 

I spent most of my time in Venice Beach with my family which was INCREDIBLE. We rented The Butcher's Daughter's house on Airbnb and it's what dreams are made of. I probably spent a collective total of 15 hours in the tub. 

I went shopping at The General Store and got myself a sweet Loop Vase from Lucy Michel. I also grabbed a copy of Anyone Girl which everyone needs in their home. A must read for anyone girl. 

I spent all of my time and all my life savings at Erewhon Market and nothing has ever been SO WORTH IT. I asked if I could live there. They politely declined. The reishi cappuccino is a must try. I mostly stuck with my coffee + ghee/MCT oil add collagen and add reishi.

Stopped by Christy Dawn and picked up an EMK Ceramics cup which has been on my list for months. 

Took my lady babe out to dinner at Gjelina for a fancy dinner and it was SO good. Definitely make a reservation though. Walking up and down Abbott Kinney is great for discovering fun, new things. 

I found the perfect skateboard from the most rad couple that I had been manifesting for months. Now I have a handmade, one of a kind super cool board to shred when the snow melts.

The next day was pure bliss. We had breakfast at Erewhon then my mom and I went to Moon Juice Shop. I was IN LOVE with everything there and nearly died from happiness. I got an iced Moon Dust Latte and it was definitely cosmic in a cup. I also tried their Blue Tonic and Rose Water. I highly recommend. 

Next I drove to the beach and parked a few miles south of the Santa Monica boardwalk. I skated on the bike path for a while then took my board to The Now Massage. WOW. It was a transcendental experience for sure. I got the 25 minute massage (big mistake should have done the hour) with aromatherapy add on. I used the Chill blend from Naturopathica. I can't believe I didn't just buy it then! I also grabbed some Bodha Modern Wellness Incense. Their crystal wall is what dreams are made of. I can't wait to go back! 

After my Venice adventure it was back to Echo Park for a few nights then home in the Tetons.

Look out for more of these guides in the future! I love traveling and I'm happy to share my favorite finds. 

Thanks for reading! 


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