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Conscious Consumer Guide to the Holidays

by Lexy Folkes |

I don't like having lots of stuff. Growing up, I was surrounded with tons of junk and it gave me mad anxiety. I didn't want things. I wanted good food, health and experiences. So when I grew up, I knew I wanted to consciously curate everything in my life. I would rather have way less stuff if it means that everything I do have is intentional, meaningful and sustainable. I have an incredibly small wardrobe and that is totally fine with me because all of my pieces are things I like and will keep for a long time. Most all of my clothing is made with organic textiles, recycled materials and non toxic dyes. I thought I'd share with you all some products that are GREAT for the holiday season; sustainable, low impact, organic and more!

1. Bee Lucia Wellness Candles - beeswax is naturally air purifying by attracting negative ions in the air. Infused with essential oils, it's a beautiful scent. I can't tolerate synthetic fragrances- they give me instant migraines. These candles are pure bliss.

2. Heart of Gold Skincare - Hopefully you've read my blog post on this incredible company! Everything she makes is pure alchemy with all natural ingredients and lots of love.

3. Conscious Clothing! This one is so important to me. Textiles are a huge polluter and on average Americans throw out 11 MILLION TONS of clothing each year! Some companies to buy from are Jung Maven, Reformation, Patagonia. Look out for a full post on conscious clothing in the future!

4. A workshop by the incredible Free+Native. I can't speak highly enough about the Reparent Workshop!

5. Yummy chocolates, the CBD oil everyone needs for a stress-free holiday and the best website for little stocking stuffers and CLEAN BEAUTY!

6. Canyon Coffee for all the coffee lovers in your life paired with this kick-ass herbal powder.

7. This is the diffuser literally EVERYONE needs in their home. Try Ylang Ylang with Tangerine for an uplifting jovial blend this season. 

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