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Crystals for Anxiety

by Lexy Folkes |

I've been getting so many messages about crystals for stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and more so I thought I'd put together a post for you to come back and reference! 

Although crystals are great for all of these things, they won't cure anxiety. If you're suffering with anxiety or depression I'd consider taking steps to cure the underlying root causes. It can be anything from a latent retro-virus (EBV) or a micro biome upset that's causing the body's stress hormones to become imbalanced. Resources such as the Medical Medium became invaluable for me as I went on a quest to cure all of my autoimmune and mental illnesses.

Also, attending one of Dr. Joe Dispenza's workshops and reading all of his books was an indispensable resource that I continue to reference daily. I would highly recommend reading his books such as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, You are the Placebo, and his newest book, Becoming Supernatural. Through these resources, you'll start to understand from a scientific perspective WHY and HOW anxiety exists so you can begin to heal. As I've said before, human's are the only species that are aware that they are aware. And through awareness, you can begin to understand where your anxiety is coming from and shift that experience into a new reality. Wherever you're at, just know you're not alone. I've been down some dark roads myself and I can assure you that there is hope and happiness waiting for you. 

Through all of this work, I realized we have an innate ability to heal. Especially when it comes to anxiety and depression. These disorders occur in the mind, and through careful healing of the body, you can also heal your thoughts and feelings.

Now for the crystals: 

Tourmaline: If you're like me when you have bouts of anxiety, one of the first things to hit is shortness of breath. Tourmaline drops me right back down into my body so I can breath deeply, take in more oxygen and begin to relax the nervous system. I got a gorgeous piece of tourmaline from Moon Body Soul and I know she'll have more for sale soon. 

Smokey Quartz: This should be a staple in every person's toolkit. It's a powerful low vibrational energy absorber while simultaneously clearing and grounding. I have more smokey quartz than any other crystal because it's only of my absolute favorites. 

Lithium Quartz: I absolutely love lithium quartz. It has naturally occurring amounts of lithium in it which is often used in anti-depressants for stabilizing moods. It has a gentle soothing quality about it and often very balancing. I got mine from @kelleye_ on instagram. 

Selenite: Another crystal must have. It can be less expensive than other gems and resonates at a very fast frequency making it great for clearing away density. If you're someone who is very sensitive to large groups of people or easily picks up someone else's energy, get a large slab of selenite and lay it on your chest at the end of the day to help detox any energy that isn't yours. 

I could go on forever but this is a great start! Crystal energy is really about finding what works for YOU. Trust your higher self to guide you towards what is best and most beneficial for where you are in your journey. I'm so happy you're here and I wish you all of the happiness and healing this life has to offer you. You deserve it. 



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