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Life in the Rocky Mountains

by Lexy Folkes |

Big Sky Country

I was born and raised in LA and thought I'd live there for the rest of my life. Until I met my partner, I thought I'd work the Big City Grind and spin in the hamster wheel hoping to make a dent. I pursued acting with fervor but I was in the height of my angsty teenage years and nothing ever came of it. I was torn between my love for solitude and my desire to be an artist.

All throughout high school I would ditch class and make the 300 mile drive to the Eastern Sierras to backpack and camp by myself. It was an integral part of my development to be far away from the city lights and the noise of 8 million people competing for resources. Cue my life long love affair for the wild. 

Eventually, I decided to move to Portland. That city just didn't do it for me. I found it too wet for my SoCal disposition and like a miniature version of Los Angeles. We decided to pack up and move to Idaho where Bjorn was born and raised. I remember the first day it was -20 degrees Fahrenheit, I thought to myself, "can I even stay alive out here?!" I could feel the blood freezing in my bones. The very first night we slept in Idaho we woke up to an alarming crashing sound. I definitely thought it was a The Hills Have Eyes moment. We jumped out of bed and opened the door to find a HUGE mountain lion staring back at us from 10 feet away. It was leisurely swinging it's tail back and forth. I was shocked and consumed with the desire to touch it. It relaxed lackadaisically in our backyard while it was deciding if we would make a good meal or not. After the initial awe wore off, I thought, "I FUCKING LOVE IT HERE!"

You name it, you can do it the Rockies. Hiking, skiing, biking, floating the river, rock climbing. Movement is my meditation and its the only thing that keeps my wellbeing WELL. I never knew you could be a successful artist living in the middle of East Jesus Nowhere, but if you need proof, here I am. 

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