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My Favorite Micro Roasters

by Lexy Folkes |

Here is a list of my favorite Micro Roasters

Let me start by saying I have a serious coffee addiction. That's it moving on to the good part where I talk about COFFEE. 

1. Canyon Coffee -This small batch roaster has gorgeous packaging and even better beans. My favorite roast is Tatama, Colombia Medium Roast. It tastes like melted caramel and I cannot get enough. My favorite way to brew is with the Aero Press. 

2. St. John's Coffee Roasters - Living in St. John's, Portland, I was spoiled by the world's best coffee. These guys have always been and will always be my favorite. Organic and Fair Trade, it doesn't get any better than that. My favorite beans for Chemex is the Pamplona blend and for cold brew, I always grab Latin Lovers.

3. Holy Schmidt - I had the pleasures of meeting the owner and roaster of Holy Schmidt in my hometown. I was BLESSED to have him make me a pour over and I nearly died from joy. Their beans are next level tasty town. My favorite bean is Ethiopia Guji. 

Drinking coffee is my most precious ritual. I try to wake up each morning and consciously stay thankful for a new morning and a new day. Drinking organic coffee is CRITICAL. Coffee beans are often the most toxically sprayed crops. Fair trade and organic is even better because you're paying the farmers fair wages for their work and their products. Often, micro roasters cannot afford to go through the arduous and extremely expensive process of certifying their beans to be USDA Organic. However, if it says organic, I believe them. 

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