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Smokey Quartz

by Lexy Folkes |

Grounding and Detoxifying

With extra intense vibes in the air, getting as much stabilization as possible is where it is at. I find myself ever attracted to smokey quartz. It's protecting, cleansing, grounding and centering. I have pieces all around my house and never travel without it. This piece featured in the photo is from Auramore Crystals! It's absolutely stunning and they have tons in their shop right now in all kinds of price ranges. Use my code 20love for 20% off your purchase.

I recommend putting Smokey Quartz anywhere and everywhere in your home. I move my pieces around a lot based on where I feel it's needed intuitively. I always hold onto mine while meditating in the bathtub for grounding and clearing when my head is a little too in-the-clouds. Paired with Selenite, its a beautiful balancing energetic blend.

I also recommend making crystal grids with Smokey Quartz. They don't have to be huge and expensive. They can be small and meaningful to you. Arrange them in a pattern that is pleasing to you. Honoring the Four Points: North, South, East, West, or Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

Be sure to clear all your crystals regularly with Palo Santo or Sage!

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