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SELECTED Neuronets
SELECTED Neuronets
SELECTED Neuronets





This gallery sized Original Fractal Painting focuses on the intersection between art and science. Neruonets are centers of the brain where information has aggregated to form deep grooves where patterns exists. Many of us have large neuronets for fear, lack, anxiety, and depression. It is our evolutionary nature to remember negative experiences more than positive ones so that our brain can record this information to avoid such pain in the future. That means that emotions and thoughts are running through these neuronets which take up a massive amount of cortical real estate (space) in the brain. If left unmanaged, those centers can rule our lives and cause dis-ease, catastrophic events, or perpetuated mental health issues. Although such neuronets exist for negative emotions and feelings, they can be reprogrammed through neuroplasticity work. The brain can be rewired to have neuronets for safety, abundance, calm, health and wellness. In our fast paced society, the parasympathetic nervous system response is almost always engaged. This creates the fight or flight response which sends cortisol (stress hormones) and adrenaline flooding through the system when no present danger is detected. The brain is in control of the release of such hormones which throw the entire nervous system into distress. Humans are the only species that are aware that they are aware. This means when your nervous system is in overdrive and you can sense shortness of breath or destructive thoughts, you can observe this phenomenon in the brain and consciously shift that reality. It is my hope that when you look that this, you can clearly see the intersections of neuronets in the brain where there is order and chaos and you, too, can shift your reality into one of harmony, balance and ease.

The colors I used portray the colors most often reflected when we see images of the brain. It measures 22" by 30" (really big) and is painted on an unbleached, all natural linen flax paper.